08:00PM – Lottery Sambad Night Result

Lottery Sambad Night-22 Oct. 2021

When you are looking for daily Lottery sambad night Result so in this page help you for your quories. we are here updated daily time to time state wise lottry result. Lottery Sangbad Night It is said that the game takes place at 8 pm and the results are released shortly thereafter.

But note here: We are do not organize any lottery games And we do not persuade you to gamble in any way.

Every day millions of people search the internet for lottery sambad results Because lottery is organized every day in many states of India. And Lots of people visit the internet to see the lottery results.

So in this perticuler Page gives you lottery sambad night result and also we are publish in our https://lotterysambad.co.in website lottery sambad morning result in Morning page. And lottery sambad day result in 6PM page.

08:00 PM Lottery sambad result Weekly Schedule & Names of Dear Lottery

Weekly 8PM Lottery Sambad play name are avalaible in below Table.

DaysDraw Names
MondayDear Hawk Evening
TuesdayDear Flamingo Evening
WednesdayDear Parrot Evening
ThrusdayDear Eagle Evening
FridayDear Falcon Evening
SaterdayDear Vulture Evening
SundayDear Ostrich Evening

The above names change in the same way every day of the week likes Monday Night Result are called Dear Hawk Evening.

Secondly Twesday Night lottery sambad result are called by Dear flamingo evening. in the same way Wednesday night result is Dear parrot evening.

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